Milestones in Company Development

1910 Foundation by Wilhelm Baumeister
1934 First Rear Window Sunshade
1978 First Combination System of Luggage Cover and Restraining Net
1984 First Power Rear Window Sunshade
1993 Opening of first plant in Eastern Europe (Hungary) 
1995 Foundation of first location in USA
1998 First Luggage Cover with Convenience Opening
2001Integration of own plastic injection molding activities
2002 Opening of first plant in China and Romania I 
Opening of first location in Japan 
2003 First Power Luggage Cover I 
First Power Side Window Sunshade I 
Opening of first plant in Mexico I 
Integration of Butz-Ieper Group
2005 First Highly Integrated Rear Window Sunshade
2007 Opening of plant in Irapuato, Mexico 
2008 Acquisition of Atera GmbH
2009 First Self Space-Creating Drawer System 
2010 First Glass Roof Module with Sunshades
2012 First Power Wind Stop
2013 Received Order for first Panoramic Roof System
2014 Acquisition etm GmbH
2015Foundation of ECO Parts Ltd., Cambodia
2016Foundation of BOS Shenyang
2017Delivery of first Panoramic Roof Systems